The Power Of Mental Well-being In Youth Work

  • Belgium
  • 5/05 - 12/05
  • Training Course
  • Deadline To Apply: 29/02/2024

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As a youth worker, this training gives you the tools to create a welcoming environment where you can have meaningful conversations with young people. Learn how to understand their needs and support them better. You'll work on strategies to improve mental health awareness in your organization, focusing on early help, clear communication, and knowing when to seek extra help. 

This training course also looks after you, teaching resilience, how to set healthy limits, and self-care, all through interactive and enjoyable activities. You'll return to your role with fresh ideas and ready-to-use approaches.



Active and involved beforeduring and after the project:

  • Active engagement in learning and training activities.
  • Openness to new ideas and approaches related to mental well-being.
  • Commitment to implementing learned strategies within your organization and share the results with us.
  • Preparedness to apply practical ideas and methodologies for supporting young people's mental well-being.
  • Follow up on e-mails and whatsapp messages regarding your participation.

Consult the infopack for more info regarding expectations.

Stay in contact

When you are selected, all further contact about the project (practical questions, preparation and dissemination follow-up) will happen through the partner of your corresponding country.

Partner organizations

  • JOETZ - Belgium (applicant and coordinating organization)
  • Cassero - Italy 
  • Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen - Belgium 
  • Progresas - Lithuania 
  • Mojo de Caña Spain (Canarian Islands) 
  • Baze - Latvia
  • Fundacja Sempre a Frente - Poland 
  • Asociación Sociocultural Grupo Cinco Cuenca - Spain (mainland) 
  • POJAT - Austria 
  • Lifeshaker Association - Portugal


There is no participation fee.

Erasmus+ provides a maximum budget for transport with tram/bus/train (green travel). If your transport to and from the training stays within this budget, you pay nothing. If you go over the budget, you pay the difference. Reimbursement is only possible when we are in possession of your personal details and all original tickets/boarding passes as proof of transport costs incurred. The budget available depends on the country you are travelling from. Consult the infopack for more info.

During the project date, food and accommodation are included. We are not able to reimburse any costs that happen outside of the project date. 


We expect you to draw up your own itinerary and travel plan. The partner organization from your corresponding country supports you in this where necessary. You pay the transport costs in advance. Reimbursement takes place approximately three months after the end of the project. 

Deadline for buying your tickets is 22/03/2024. 

Selection procedure


  1. View the information on this web page and in the info pack (download infopack).
  2. Fill in the google form via the 'apply now' button, found below on this webpage. Please read the questions carefully and take the time to answer them in English as completely as possible.
  3. Regardless if you are selected or not, a few days after the application deadline you will receive news. This decision is made together with the European partner on the basis of your written motivation and your involvement in youth work.



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