Find your european experience!

Push your limits and gain unique experience abroad. JOETZ sends out young people and youth workers to participate in international projects where intercultural encounter and exchange are central. You can participate in short-term training courses (TC) and youth exchanges (YE) or do European volunteer work (ESC) almost free of charge for a longer period of time.

Infosession: Youth exchanges, international trainings for youth workers, ...

  • Online (Teams)
  • 06/11/2023 at 20u
  • Infosession

Would you like to participate in our international youth work? Do you prefer a short-term international project: training course (TC) or youth exchange (YE)? Register yourself for an online infosession.

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Infosession Volunteer work in Europe

  • Online
  • 15/11/2023 at 20u
  • Infosession

Would you like to volunteer abroad for a longer period of time and this almost free of charge? This can be done through the European Solidarity Corps (ESC).

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