JOETZ’s mission is to be a health promoter for children and young people (3-30 years old) in Flanders and Brussels. We strengthen and support a sensitized and solidarity-based society able to develop the health and well-being of its children and young people in a high-quality, sustainable and participative manner.

JOETZ wants to achieve this mission through various health projects (healthie*-workshops, online and offline health content, health campaigns), activities (children's and youth holidays, playground activities, children's events) & training (animator/youth leader trainings, training courses, peer to peer education) and does this for, by and with children and young people. This happens locally, supra-locally and internationally.

As a health promoter, JOETZ wants to have an impact on children and young people, always starting from its youth work DNA: in a fun and playful way.

JOETZ's specific core tasks are: health projects, activities & holidays, trainings, international youth work and giving a voice to young people through our online platform ZAPmag.

Through health projects, JOETZ gives substance to the concept of health, makes the concept explicit for its target groups and aims to have a concrete impact in the field of positive attitudes and behaviors regarding health in children and young people.

Through activities & holidays, JOETZ creates space for children and young people to play and therefore also a space to live: an active and healthy lifestyle, learning to function in a diverse group, gaining new experiences, pushing boundaries, ...

Through trainings, JOETZ trains competent and enthusiastic volunteers (both official animator/youth leader trainings recognized by the Flemish Youth Government and specialized trainings).

Through international youth work, JOETZ is committed to strengthening its own organization and giving young people the opportunity to gain a broader view of health and well-being in the world. JOETZ gives young people a voice.

For this, JOETZ creates a place within a digital world, in which content is tailored to the recipient and where stories are told by young people: ZAPMag.

*young people we train to go to schools and other venues to implement our various non-formal peer to peer campaigns and projects around health.