• Dobrinishte, Bulgaria
  • 01/07/2022 – 09/07/2022
  • Training Course

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The project’s symbolic name carries the idea of a new beginning and rethinking of youth work, in the context of the forthcoming post pandemic environment (after) and before (before) - our work as youth organizations of a new kind, adapted to the new realities.

The aim is to find a complex solution, aiding the overcoming of professional burnout, demotivation; encouraging personal reflection and looking for internal, base foundations, values and meanings to be articulated in an impactful way with the power of storytelling.


There is no participation fee for this project. Erasmus + offers a fixed budget for transport up to a maximum of 275 euros (€320 if you travel green). If the budget for your transport to and from the youth exchange stays within this budget, you pay nothing (food and accommodation are always included). If you exceed the budget, you have to pay the difference yourself.​​

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