Low cost video's for NGO's

  • Alcaraz, Spain
  • 25/07 - 31/07
  • Training Course
  • ASAP

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This training course aims to develop the video-making and marketing skills of youth workers and youngsters. You'll get interesting sessions built around non-formal education methods.  During the project, you'll be working with 5 local charities and NGO's for which you'll make video's. These video's will have national reach and have a big impact on the local community. Get empowered in your video skills and get learn how to reach young people.

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There is no participation fee for this project. Erasmus + offers a fixed budget for transport up to a maximum of 275 euros. If the budget for your transport to and from the youth exchange stays within this budget, you pay nothing (food and accommodation are always included). If you exceed the budget, you have to pay the difference yourself.

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