Lifelong playing (fully booked)

  • Slovenia
  • 24/10-31/10
  • Training Course
  • Deadline application 07/09

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Lifelong playing is a training course (TC) that focus on teaching the participants various social games (games for getting to know each other, games for trust, cooperative games, …) and show them how to use them in the context of non-formal education and youth work.

The project is targeting youth workers (professionals and volunteers), trainers, coordinators and facilitators from all fields of non-formal education who are motivated to learn about social games as a tool of inclusion in youth work. A training course for people aged 18+ (no age limit).


There is no participation fee for this project. Erasmus + offers a fixed budget for transport up to a maximum of 275 euros. If the budget for your transport to and from the TC stays within this budget, you pay nothing (food and accommodation are always included). If you exceed the budget, you have to pay the difference yourself.


Carefully read the infopack before applying: download infopack


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