Infosession (afternoon): training courses and youth exchanges

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  • 23/05/2023 at 13u00
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At a training course (18+), you as a youth worker, professional, volunteer or young person (active in youth movement or youth work) can fill your backpack with new knowledge, skills and methodologies. You exchange on the spot and be inspired by foreign youth workers. Once back in Belgium, you strengthen the quality of your own (inter)national activities.

At a youth exchange (18-30) you can broaden your perspective as a young person and get to know other cultures. You meet young people from different countries and you participate in a program around a specific theme. The common thread is exchanging ideas and experiences. You learn from each other in a non-formal way, eg through workshops, games, activities, etc. A group leader (18+) guides and supports the group.


Keep in mind: participation only for persons who have their official residence in Belgium.


Participation in an Erasmus+ Youth project means:

Who, what, where, when?

  • choice from various themes: health, well-being, gender, media, nature, sport, music, performing arts, art, LGBTQIA+, ...
  • in Europe or the European neighboring regions
  • from 18 years
  • 4 - 14 days


  • free participation (unless otherwise stated)
  • lump sum for round trip
  • accommodation and meals arranged and paid for


  • Youth Pass (added value to your resume)
  • deepening in a specific theme
  • new knowledge and inspiration for your own activities

Pushing boundaries

  • networking: intercultural contacts with youth workers, professionals, volunteers, young people, organisations, ...
  • getting to know different European cultures (language, food, customs, ...)
  • time and space for self-reflection and personal development

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