Go Natural

  • Tirana - Albania
  • 03/07 - 10/07
  • Training Course

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Are you truly interested in the concept of healthy lifestyle? Do you want to know where natural products come from and what process they go through? Do you want to be part of the process and make some concrete changes in your life, some changes that will bring you closer to yourself and your true nature? Join us for this unique journey in the beautiful and very resourceful country named Albania. During this Study Visit we will focus on the importance of local food consumption and its connection with health.

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There is no participation fee for this project. Erasmus + offers a fixed budget for transport up to a maximum of 275 euros. If the budget for your transport to and from the training course stays within this budget, you pay nothing (food and accommodation are always included). If you exceed the budget, you have to pay the difference yourself.

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