E-motional (full!)

  • Slovakia
  • 03/04/2023 - 13/04/2023
  • Training Course
  • Deadline application 16/01/2023 23u59 the latest

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The modern times we are living in are emotionally challenging and the effects of stress and life's difficulties are increasingly visible. Young people often are unable to deal with their feelings, not speaking of seeking help when facing mental health challenges. In today's “interconnected” world full of uncertainties, hate  speech, even violent extremism, it is crucial to support the connection with ourselves and our feelings so we are able to build connections with other people and participate actively in society. 

Through ”E-motional” youth workers are going to learn to recognize and to develop their inner resources in order to create transformational and sustainable learning  environments for supporting youth inclusion in social and professional life with focus on emotional intelligence.


Active and involved before, during and after the project:

  • Before: follow-up of your emails/Whatsapp regarding the practical organization and presence during an online pre-departure meeting with the group (date tbd based on the possibility of participants).
  • During: 100% active presence during the project + setting up an Instagram take over of our channel together with the Belgian participants.
  • After: follow-up of your emails/Whatsapp regarding the further practical/ financial handling and the dissemination of the project (see infopack). Presence during a catch up meeting (April 18th 2023).

Stay in contact

When you are selected, we will be in contact with each other via email and Whatsapp. You receive all the necessary information via e-mail. Whatsapp will be used for sending reminders, sharing photos and information about the Instagram take over. If quick answers are needed or last minute information need to be distributed, we also use Whatsapp. 


There is a participation fee for this project of 30 - 50 euros paid on arrival.

Erasmus+ provides a fixed budget for transport for bus, tram, train or plane of maximum 275 euros (or 320 euros for green travel: no plane). If your transport to and from the youth exchange stays within this budget, you pay nothing. If you go over the budget you will have to pay for the difference. Reimbursement is only possible when we are in possession of a signed information note, your personal details and all original tickets/boarding passes as proof of transport costs incurred.

Food and accommodation are included only during the announced project dates. Overnight stays outside this period is at your own costs. 


We expect you to draw up your own itinerary and travel plan. JOETZ supports you in this where necessary. You pay yourself in advance for transport costs. Reimbursement takes place approximately three months after the end of the project (see above). Deadline for buying and showing your tickets is 01/02/2023.

Selection procedure

There are two steps in the selection process for this project: the preselection for this project is done by JOETZ. The final selection is made by the trainers of the project.

  1. View the information on this web page and in the info pack (download infopack!!).

  2. Fill in the online form at the bottom of this webpage. Please read the questions carefully and take the time to answer them in English as completely as possible. If you want, we can give support (please let us know by email but bare in mind there is a deadline to apply, so please contact us max. 2 days before the deadline).
  3. A confirmation will be given on site immediately after sending your application. 
  4. A few days after the deadline you will be contacted by JOETZ with the message whether or not you can participate. This decision is made together with the organizing European partner on the basis of your written motivation.

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