9 months volunteering at Lahti City Youth Services

  • Finland
  • Start in August 2023 (9 months)
  • ESC
  • As soon as possible

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About what?

Lahti City Youth Services offers chances to implement youth work at schools and camping center. Work tasks include: increasing activities in school community, organizing theme days and activities during breaks + lessons and being available during school days. Work in camping center is to host and organize children's and youth groups and maintaining of surroundings.


August 2023 - April 2024 (9 months)

The cost?

Nothing! This project is subsidized by Europe through the European Solidarity Corps. Find the 'rules of the game' on our website


More information here and here

Need extra convincing?

Watch the experiences of previous volunteers

Blown away? Or any additional questions?
Is such a ESC project something for you, but would you rather have a different project/location?

Mail to internationaal@joetz.be


31/05/2023 we organize an online infosession. Don't wait that long to inform yourself by emaling us. If before that date people apply, it can be too late. 

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